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March 15, 2023

The Washington Times

Democrats owe the FBI, particularly the seventh floor of its Washington headquarters, a lot.

Not surprisingly, as House Republicans took their first batch of transcribed testimony from FBI whistleblowers, Democrats immediately set out to sabotage them and Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, in the process.

Jason Foster, former chief investigative counsel for Sen. Charles Grassley, who himself uncovered FBI wrongdoing, told me the Democratic product is riddled with errors. Mr. Foster, founder of the nonprofit Empower Oversight, has been aiding Mr. Hill and Mr. Friend. He told me of the FBI’s reprisal against Mr. Friend.

“You could dedicate your column to detailing the inaccuracies, half-truths, and smears in that report for the next six weeks and still not get through them all,” Mr. Foster told me.

Now, back to Mr. Foster. I asked him for examples of Democrats’ inaccuracies.

For one, Democrats, led by Rep Jerrold Nadler, stated as fact that the Justice Department inspector general rejected Mr. Friend’s complaints of whistleblower reprisal and FBI investigative misconduct.

Mr. Foster said this statement is false. The IG at first sent a form letter saying the matter should be referred to FBI internal affairs. But since then, the IG office has agreed to interview Mr. Friend and accept documentation.

“It is our understanding that DOJ OIG is continuing to receive and evaluate information related to Friend’s initial underlying disclosures and that DOJ OIG personnel, in fact, plan to interview him on these matters,” Empower Oversight President Tristan Leavitt said in a March 6 letter to IG Michael E. Horowitz.

Secondly, Mr. Foster said Mr. Friend provided plenty of examples of the FBI manipulating case statistics, contrary to Democrats’ assertions that he provided nothing specific.

Also, Mr. Foster said, Democrats falsely claimed that Mr. Friend is “profiting” from his role as a whistleblower. Mr. Foster told me of the FBI penalizing Mr. Friend, both professionally and financially, after he blew the whistle.

According to Mr. Foster: “Friend was suspended without pay, without due process as soon as he blew the whistle, on the grounds that his security clearance was under review, despite citing zero legitimate security concerns. His wife lost her job shortly after his whistleblowing became public. The FBI denied him permission to take other jobs and illegally withheld his firearms training records necessary to do security work in Florida.

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