In The News
June 23, 2024

Much attention is focused on the first criminal trial and conviction of the son of a sitting US president. But a larger story is getting lost—perhaps by design.

It’s a damning account provided by credible federal whistleblowers. They say an alleged foreign bribery trail leading from Hunter Biden to his father was covered up, allowed to grow cold, then forever buried.

The alleged coverup was said to have begun under the Justice Department and IRS of President Donald Trump as corrupt forces inside federal agencies plotted against his reelection. Former intelligence officers and Biden campaign officials assisted in the plan, sources claim, along with many in media—apparently for fear that the truth could derail Biden’s presidential run.

The scheme continued once President Biden was elected, the whistleblowers say, and was clinched in a way that the most serious allegations could never be fully investigated, prosecuted, or tied to Joe Biden and his associates.

The scandal involves Hunter’s infamous laptop computer, the plot to conceal and mislead the public about its authenticity, and controversial business dealings with foreign countries—including Ukraine and some of America’s leading adversaries.

Hunter’s recent convictions for gun-related crimes, and his pending tax-related charges are small potatoes compared to what might have been lodged if forces inside the government hadn’t run interference for the Bidens.

The IRS whistleblowers who started the investigation and unearthed crucial evidence have been pressured and smeared. Nobody has been held accountable for mistreating them, or for ensuring a solid dead end to what could have proven to be one of the most remarkable criminal cases of our time.

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