Press Release
September 15, 2023

WASHINGTON – In a desperate attempt to save their client, Hunter Biden’s attorneys continue to press a false narrative against two whistleblowers who risked their careers to show government malfeasance in its investigation and prosecution of Biden.

Attorneys for IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley made the following comment in response to the outrageous accusations against their client.

“These materials show attorneys for the President’s son repeatedly lobbied the Biden Justice Department to initiate retaliatory prosecutions of our client for lawfully making protected whistleblower disclosures.

“Hunter Biden’s attorneys have already made this argument to Judge Maryellen Noreika, who reviewed the whistleblower materials and rejected defense counsel’s baseless allegations, including their claims about grand jury secrecy violations.

“Taxpayer privacy laws are written by Congress, and it gave itself authority in those laws to hear disclosures about taxpayer information. Commissioner Werfel has made this clear to all IRS employees. Whether Congress decides to make that information public pursuant to its statutory process is up to them.

“Mr. Lowell is peddling a fiction that Weiss and his team were always going to let his client off the hook, but the facts are clear that in early 2022 they agreed with investigators that felony tax charges were warranted, and presented those charges to the Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys in D.C. and California.

“His attempt to blame his client’s legal troubles on politics is a brazen ploy to deflect from the fact that Biden-appointed prosecutors, whose conflict of interest should have kept them miles away from any involvement in this case, blocked felony tax charges against the President’s son.

“It was only after hitting those political roadblocks that benefited Hunter Biden that Weiss reversed course, told the investigators he was not the deciding person, and let the felony tax evasion charges in D.C. die.”

Tristan Leavitt
President, Empower Oversight

Jason Foster
Founder and Chair, Empower Oversight

Mark D. Lytle
Partner, Nixon Peabody