In The News
January 31, 2022


As the Saudis’ and Emiratis’ main Sunni regional rival, Qatar has continuously used its massive Al Jazeera megaphone to capsize the Accords, disseminating frequent spasms of antisemitism and anti-Americanism to its millions of viewers. Over the last several years, some members of Congress have been admirably trying to press Al Jazeera in the United States to register as the foreign media entity it clearly is. Al Jazeera has repeatedly refused to do so, snubbing the Justice Department’s fearsome Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) Unit since 2018.

Even as the FARA Unit zealously prosecutes some cases, it is curious—and remarkably suspicious—that the DOJ doesn’t seem very interested in enforcing legal compliance on Al Jazeera. Last week, however, corruption watchdog Empower Oversight submitted a Freedom of Information Act request, seeking documents and correspondence at the DOJ related to the network and their deliberations on the status of Al Jazeera as foreign agents. More transparency will assuredly reveal that the Deep State is too fond of Qatar to expose its primary instrument of information warfare in the United States, Al Jazeera.

In addition to the closeness between Doha and and the administrative state in Washington—which controls the mechanisms of foreign policy, no matter who’s in office—Qatar’s efforts on the Democrats’ behalf have not been forgotten by Trump’s successor in the White House.

As one of its first priorities last year, the Biden administration seems to have repaid its debt to Doha. Using environmental regulations, the White House reversed the Trump policy of promoting energy independence, especially when it comes to the export of liquified natural gas. While it disadvantages American companies, making natural gas more difficult—and less profitable—to produce is a boon to Qatar, the country with the largest natural gas reserves in the world.