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April 2, 2024

…Filings from Hunter Biden’s ongoing prosecution show that Weiss also made efforts to downplay the legal protections afforded to whistleblowers, according to Tristan Leavitt of Empower Oversight, the organization that helped secure representation for the whistleblowers. Since late last year, Weiss has been leading the prosecution of Hunter Biden for tax crimes in the Central District of California as a special counsel.

He believes Weiss has an interest in doing so, stemming from the fact that the special counsel’s own conduct was a subject of some of the allegations the whistleblowers brought to Congress.

“This is the one area where Weiss’s interests are aligned with Hunter Biden’s: Not being happy about SSA Shapley and SA Ziegler blowing the whistle to Congress on Weiss’s allowing politics to infect the Hunter Biden case. Weiss has every reason to minimize the statutory protections the IRS agents had in blowing the whistle to Congress,” Leavitt posted to X on Tuesday…

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