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August 22, 2022

Just the News

Following the announcement that three men now face charges in the 2018 prison killing of Irish mobster James “Whitey” Bulger, a watchdog group is seeking information related to an allegation that the FBI ignored evidence that would have led to his swift arrest while one of the Bureau’s most wanted fugitives.

While Bulger was on the lamb, “Sergeant Gary M. Steiner of the City of Santa Monica Police Department witnessed the attempted sale of a firearm with the serial numbers removed and allegedly related to Bulger at Oaktree Gun Club in Los Angeles,” wrote Watchdog group Empower Oversight, citing a tip the group received.

“Steiner ensured that this potential lead related to an FBI most wanted fugitive was reported to the FBI. However, the FBI refused to follow up to obtain and examine the firearm,” the watchdog asserted in a press release.

Empower Oversight has filed FOIA requests to both the FBI and the Department of Justice seeking information on Steiner’s efforts to report the evidence.

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