In The News
June 19, 2024

A Cleveland digital newspaper was forced to retract a guest column on Tuesday after it was published with significant factual errors about FBI whistleblowers who made protected disclosures to Congress, including claims they engaged in unlawful conduct. 

The error-riddled paragraphs were tucked away at the end of an opinion piece critical of Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, whose Weaponization Committee received testimony from the whistleblowers about their experiences in the bureau…

“Smearing #whistleblowers with lies just because you don’t like the truths they tell is wrong,” the group representing the two whistleblowers posted to X. “No matter who does it. It needs to stop.” Jason Foster, the founder of the group, Empower Oversight, said in a post to X that the he contacted the editor and informed him of the “libels” published in his paper.

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