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August 31, 2023

WASHINGTON — A senior Justice Department official’s contact with lawyers for both Hunter Biden and IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley shows that DOJ headquarters — not Delaware US attorney David Weiss — controlled the federal investigation of the first son, Shapley’s legal team said Wednesday.

Shapley’s lawyers revealed their contacts with associate deputy attorney general Bradley Weinsheimer after his role as a conduit for Hunter Biden’s legal team in the final stretch of the tax fraud investigation by Weiss’s office was noted in a recent report.

The disclosure comes as House Republicans move closer to launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s alleged role in his son’s foreign business deals and what whistleblowers allege was a coverup in the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden that ended in a probation-only plea deal that was dramatically rejected by a federal judge last month.

Weinsheimer, a subordinate of Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, spoke on the phone with Shapley’s attorney Mark Lytle on April 25 and said that he wanted to understand his claims against other department officials, to which Shapley alluded one week prior in a letter to Congress, according to Lytle.

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