Timeline of Hunter Biden Investigation

Empower Oversight has released a detailed timeline of the Hunter Biden investigation as it relates to whistleblowers IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley and IRS Special Agent Joseph Zeigler.   The timeline is based on public documents, including media reports and the special agents’ congressional interview transcripts, which were lawfully released by the House Committee

Empower Oversight Litigation Forces SEC to Release Additional Documents on Cryptocurrency Conflicts

WASHINGTON — Following two years of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and litigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission has now turned over new documents in response to Freedom of Information Act requests from Empower Oversight related to possible conflicts of interest in its cryptocurrency enforcement decisions. The latest batch of documents follows a May FOIA lawsuit brought


Below is the latest version of our timeline on the origins of COVID-19, originally released on August 4, 2021, and then updated on September 16, 2021. This version includes references to numerous documents uncovered in freedom of information act (FOIA) requests and reporting by The Intercept, U.S. Right to Know and The DisInformation Chronicle. Tweets

Did the Department of Veterans Affairs Enable Insider Trading?

Law enforcement authorities may already be investigating who profited from advanced notice of a VA announcement that moved the markets. If not, why aren’t they? [Download Full Research PDF] Summary According to whistleblower contacts with Congress, executive branch authorities, and Empower Oversight—as well as public reports and documents—inside information about a controversial announcement by the

Congressional Oversight of COVID-19’s Origins

NOTE: The below briefing document was delivered to Members of Congress and their staffs on August 23, 2021. Dear Staff and Members, Since the start of the pandemic last year, over 618,000 Americans have died and our economy has been hit harder than anyone has experienced in nearly a century. However, Congress has done little