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NY Post: David Weiss confirmed denial of special status in Hunter Biden case: Jim Jordan

WASHINGTON — Delaware US Attorney David Weiss told the House Judiciary Committee that he was refused “special attorney” status in his investigation of first son Hunter Biden, the panel’s chairman said Tuesday — though Weiss insisted that his decision-making was not impeded in the case. Committee chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told reporters that Weiss said he initially

Sharyl Attkisson: Watchdog files appeal for reinstatement of FBI whistleblower Marcus Allen

Citing new, overwhelming evidence, the watchdog group Empower Oversight has appealed to the FBI to restore whistleblower Marcus Allen to his job, provide back-pay, and reverse the proposed revocation of his security clearance. Empower Oversight says the FBI took steps against in retaliation for his internal actions, pointing out that FBI Director Christopher Wray had

Washington Times: House Judiciary Committee launches probe into DOJ’s attempts to spy on Congress

The House Judiciary Committee has launched an inquiry into the Justice Department‘s attempt to surveil members of Congress through their private digital communications… Google alerted Jason Foster, Mr. Grassley’s former chief investigative counsel on the Judiciary Committee, that the DOJ wanted and received his personal records. In a later Freedom of Information Act request to the DOJ, Mr. Foster’s nonprofit group,